Saturday, April 3, 2010

Expedition Singapore

So, I got the beer into bottles, and the missus had us booked onto a plane bound for Singapore.

Singapore, the land of Raffles!

Did you know they also did home brew? I didn't know until I Googled it - home brew club, home brew shops etc.

So here we are: Just done the Santosa Island experience, and we're in need of refreshment... we end up on Riverside Point. One place, two places, Brewerkz!

Hey, I saw this mob online!

So I went in, looking for the 1st Hobby Brewers Club of Singapore, as I thought it was also associated with this place, but no cigar, I couldn't even find a staff member who knew anything about the group: I was feeling very sad :-(

So I decided after looking around the place to settle down in front of the brew kettle, at the bar and order an Indian Pale Ale...

...and a very nice ale it was. I also noticed one of those curiosities about Singapore that seemed a little out of place in this pub - that is the, "don't go beyond this point our you'll get shot!" signs. It begs the question, why would you get shot for going near the brewhouse?!?

So, craftbrewing here in Singapore is almost a matter of, "Life and Death" and not worth chancing. However, the beer does taste good. That's all for now, so...

Until the next time,

Its Your Shout, Mate!

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