Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Cornie Keg

Well, here's an update. The test beer fermented out quite quickly, or so I thought. So, I racked it to the secondary added a touch of nutrient and popped into the fridge. Guess what? it started fermenting again! I guess the ambient temperature the day after pitching was too high and caused a stuck ferment. The temp drop got it going again and I left it there for almost a week. I recon I could have left it there longer, but I'm off to Singapore for a few days and figured, why not, lets test the keg!

NOw the keg came up to me from HCMC via Dean of The First Hobby Brewer Club of HCMC. I added 200ml of primer (unfermented wort collected from the Open Day Brewup) and put it all into the keg which was washed, then dosed with Sodium Hydroxide and then rinsed with water and iodine. The total volume was around 10L of beer.

So, now its in the cuppoard and we'll see if it conditions, some say theres a problem due to insufficient sealing of the o-ring when the keg is under-preasurised, thus developing CO2 escapes out rather than carbonating the beer. We shall see what we shall see.

I also took some time to put the Open Day Brew into bottles. In the end, I bottled in 16 Grolsch bottles, 2 Flensberger 'Mini' bottles and one HB Munchen bottle, these brown glass bottles will serve well as samplers, I recon.

So, there it is, from grain to glass (so to speak) The beer's in the bottle!

Until the next time,

Its Your Shout, Mate!

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