Monday, April 12, 2010

Brewing Furniture and Safety

What's wrong with this picture?

It's not a mess, it's not disorderly, it's easy to see a clear workflow operates from right to left, intermediate steps are managed in place, so what's wrong?

The furniture. It's bamboo. Now, when you load bamboo along its length its very strong, however, table tops of split bamboo are not designed for supporting 30 or 40+ kilograms of grain, water, burner, terracotta tiles etc. Well at least not for the long term. To top it of lateral movement stability leaves a lot to be desired once you start getting a vigorous stir up and going.

But, sometimes brewers will compromise on the support foundation of their brewhouse by cobbling together what ever they can find, rather than focus on building a great foundation for supporting their equipment safely. It took an ominous threat of spillage to force me to think about this particular issue.

Sure I wanted my pots, I wanted my cooler and I wanted everything organized so that I could "get brewing" but I had to wait a little while to get the right furniture, and it took me quite a while to think of the design, carefully, and sketch it out so that the Vietnamese steel workers in Hanoi could produce exactly what I was looking for.

And, here it is...
Now, having a 'pretty brewery' is no guarantee of making good beer, but it does go a long way towards making a consistent product safely and comfortably. Cheers!

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