Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Hoby Brewers Club of Singapore

Well, I met up with Bill, and Michael from the First Hobbybrew Club of Singapore at Brewerkz at Riverside Point (you would hve seen a few pics from a previous post.)

From there we went to The Pump Room. The beer of choice on tap was an IPA. It was a golden brown colour, quite cloudy and noticably citrusy, like grapefruit - really, like grapefruit.

We discussed this a bit, and it seems some people can't distingush between Citrus - Orange; Citrus - Lemon; Citrus -Lime; or Citrus - Grapefruit (or Pomello).

After a few beers in The Pump Room, it was time to go. Here's a pic:

and hopefully I'll get a closer look around the brewhouse, tomorrow.

Until the next time,

Its Your Shout, Mate!

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