Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wants, Desires and Realisation (cont.)

So here I am, contemplating, cogitating. I got the 50 cm pot, it’s 58 cm tall - 113 L capacity. It needs a 5-8 mm metal plate to go between the bottom and the burner to protect from scorching - it’s a bloody good burner 22,000 btu’s, or something like that. For the Lauter Tun I’m thinking of a s/s 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm square box with false bottom and a shower lid. 
Let me explain, the false bottom and the ‘shower rose’ are made of the same perforated material. Run the water into the shower lid - bit like a square shower rose and let it drip down onto the mash. The lid would be 1 cm thick, hollow and have a pipe entry from the side. I could equally do this with a couple of rubbish buckets, and cheeper too, but, I like the idea of durability.
The last thing I want to make is a copper cool ship with fermentation cellar under it. Basically a glorified Ice Chest. The cool ship would be covered and top insulated so that bar ice could be put into it. The cold would transfer into the cabinet and descend. Inside the cabinet I’d store my fermentors so as to control what’s going on. In a relatively, energy passive way. I’d probably be better off with a chest freezer, but finding a used one in VN is a hard ask.

Yesterday I also saw a 500 L brewhouse, sitting like scrap metal outside a brewery. It was the first time I actually got to crawl around one of these copper topped beauties. What I discovered annoyed the crap out of me. Basically, it was a large brew Kettle/Mash Tun with steam jacket heating. The other side of the system was a slotted false bottom Lauter Tun and a whirlpool. Nothing more! It's a single pot with two types of filter devices and a pump, plate cooler and bunch of programable control valves! Where has all the magic gone? Perhaps before I pulled back the curtain on the wizard I expected so much more, maybe a four chamber system, dunno why, but that was my thinking. These things are hooked up to a separate self standing HLT, and a CIP Unit. It would not be hard to build such a brew house using pots and a sludge pump, but then I think, why even bother? 

Mash in your kettle; transfer via hand, tipping cradle, or pump, to the Lauter Tun; Vorlauf back into the Kettle; Attach a pump to the side of the kettle and use that for whirlpooling. The reason most of these systems have a separate whirpool is due to the Kettle/Mash Tun having an integrated stirer. On a 50 cm pot system, it's still possible to manually stir, but then again... gadgets and devices... Maybe I ought to get a pot for whirlpooling...

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It's Your shout, Mate!

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