Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Cheer

It's that time of year again. Christmas is rapidly closing in on us all, and new Year not far behind (if you live in Asia, Tet/Spring Festival is also just around the corner.) It's Winter time in the Northern hemisphere, so time to brew some malty, higher gravity goodness, if you haven't already done so.

We're off to Germany this year for Christmas/New Year/Tet so, I'll be laying down a couple of beers in the next week or so, to be ready y the time we return. In the meantime, I've just put the finishing caps on a batch of Gluwein. The missus nocked these up last night, and I've spent the morning hot bottling them in lovely stone bottles with grolsch/flensburg-style fliptops. These are reclaimed bottles from some Belgian St.Paul Beers. Best thing about these, is that we can take them to a party, and heat them up in a pot of boiling water and be good to go.

So, all the best for the cominig season, hope your brews go well.

That's all from The Herald of Change,

Get that int' ya!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kegerator Build

It's been a while since I last chimed in.I dallied with selling my brewery and get out of it altogether, but that nasty patch has passed.

Recently, I've been occupying myself with a Kegerator Build. Standard deal, chest freezer, collar and components mounted in the collar. But I also want to double up and use it as a controlled fermentation chamber, so I added a Brewmate Temperature controller.

Here're a few pics:

Wiring & Plumbing

External View

Wiring and Probe Detail

There are still a few issues to sort out, such as the switching of the freezer on and off, apparently I've got some dodgy terminals on the plug, but at least it's ready enough to serve cold beer.

Some feedback on the cider - general consensus was that it was too dry. Force carbonating it also left a slightly bad taste in the mouth due to the poor quality of the CO2 supply, here in Hanoi. Might have to get some kind of CO2 filter system put in place, and that's about it.

Until next time,

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