Monday, March 5, 2012

Refractometer Calculation for Monitoring Fermentation

Refractometer Calculation for Monitoring Fermentation:
Initial °Brix (refractometer)
Current °Brix (refractometer)
Initial Gravity
Current Gravity (SG)
Current Gravity (°Brix hydrometer)
True °Brix
Residual Sugar (g/L)
Current alcohol (%v/v)
Details:  Monitor the progress of your fermentation using an ATC Refractometer.
Enter the initial °Brix reading (O.G) then enter the current reading, in °Brix.
The form will update, live.

This calculator involves many approximations and is fine for monitoring the progress of fermentation.
Refractometers are designed for reading the level of sugar in water.
Readings ought to be corrected for Wort.

Wort S.G = 1+(0.00385x°Brix) - for readings taken in °Brix
Wort S.G = 0.0375+0.9625xS.G(Refractometer) - for readings taken in Specific Gravity points
Wort °Brix = (Wort S.G-1)/0.0385

*** This calculator was originally sourced from Johnathan Musther's excellent page full of useful wine and beer calculators.